Happy 65 Anniversary
Oceanport Lions


Dear Lions,

On this date in 1952 the Oceanport Lions were chartered. For 65 years our club has served the Borough of Oceanport and many in need throughout the State and around the World through the noble efforts of many Lions, both past and present, who have dedicated their hearts and minds in the service of others.

May God bless our club on its 65th Anniversary.

Yours in Lionism,

Lion Pete Dellera

Lion Pete Dellera

Lions Clubs International is one of the world's largest service club organizations. Its 1.4 million members, 47,000 local clubs globally, which Oceanport Lion’s Club is one of, are dedicated to bettering the quality of life for the disabled, the poor, the sick, and the aged. The motto of Lions Clubs International is “WE SERVE,” and Lions live this motto with enthusiasm. 

For many years our annual scholarship has been made available to a high school student who resides in Oceanport or is the son, daughter, or grandchild of an Oceanport Lion member in good standing and planning to further their education by attending a college or university.  Our application has prioritized academic achievement, SAT/ACT scores, school activities, community service, and a TYPEWRITTEN essay of 500 words or less. 

In 2022, you will see some changes to our application criteria that will further prioritize service and activities and allow for the inclusion of family responsibilities as a consideration of community service or activities a student is involved in.  Our application will still collect all the information it always has, but with a different approach to evaluation and weighting.  The application will also be open to students furthering their education through alternatives such as trade or vocational schools. 

Our goal is to make this scholarship opportunity more inclusive and consider more students who could benefit from our $1000 grant, which may not have considered applying.  Service is our priority and is demonstrated in many ways by young adults, and we want to evaluate more of them! 

Applications may be obtained from your Guidance Counselor or downloaded at Oceanport Lions Club Scholarship Application.
For additional information, please get in touch with your high school scholarship counselor first, or you may contact Mark Barreca, Lions Club Scholarship Committee Chair, at (201) 563-2948 or at mjbarreca@comcast.net. Our club is excited to see this year’s candidates!